The Full Story

Of Wild Crystals

Wild Crystals are found from the wild nature - they have been discovered through traditional practices, dug out with hands and handheld tools only. No explosions, no mining. The most gentle possible way there is to bring healing crystals to the light, from the darkness of the Earth's belly, from her jungles, mountains and natural caves. 

Wild Crystals are unique, they are rare and they are priceless. 

These crystals come to me straight from Mother India, only through the hands of the people who do the incredible work in that end to find them and to uncover them. It takes dedication and special knowledge and connection to the crystals to be able to find them out in the wild. 

Wild Crystals are the most ethical, most high vibrational, most gentle and Luxurious crystals on Earth. Those lucky enough to own one of these individuals, will receive their healing benefits and incredible beauty to upgrade their lives completely. 

I have personally curated these collections to you - I use a lot of my time communicating with the crystal people in India and picking and choosing only the highest quality, most precious, high vibrational, powerful, beautiful and rare pieces into my Crystalline Gallery. These masterpieces are truly New Luxury, and I am honored to bring them out into the world for them to find their way to their new homes. 



These Wild Crystals come from the mountains, jungles and caves of India. I have met on my travels this incredible family, that carries the traditional wisdom of how to locate and uncover these rare pieces in the wild - which is a skill that only a few people possess nowadays. They pay permits  to the forest department and promise to never harm nature as they are looking for crystals - no cutting down trees or digging up roots, no harming animals or using explosives. They understand the energy of the crystals, and are fine tuned to hear the messages of where to find them. It takes determination, physical strength and incredible skills and courage to find these crystals - sometimes you come across a lion on your journeys in the mountains, or go meters down into natural caves. I have all the respect towards the skills and determination of my friends who are carrying on these traditions and I hope to learn from them as much as possible as we work together.

Unique Masterpieces

The vision behind bringing Wild Crystals to the public, is connecting us back to the traditional way crystals have been found and been uncovered, and to reconnect to the origins of these phenomenal art pieces. High quality unique crystals are incredibly valuable and bringing one of these pieces into a space, will transform it completely. Crystals are forever - once dug out from the Earth they last from generation to generation, when taken care of properly. Crystals provide us with energetic stability, vibrational alignment and unspeakable beauty. 

These gallery grade Wild Crystals are incredibly rare and really hard to find. They are investments like art or design pieces.

Are you ready to find your masterpiece?