Meet Crystalline Mama



As a child I was fully connected to the natural world - talking to trees, whispering to the faeries and listening to the stories of the rocks was my favorite way to be.  I grew up in a small village in the Northeastern Finland, and spent most of my time out in the natural elements. The lakes, the forests and the swamps are still my home and my roots run deep in this land, where I now also live with my own family: my husband, our two daughters and soon another baby. The Nordic lifestyle, aesthetic and nature connection is something I value immensely, and want to bring into my work as well. 

I had been living in Helsinki and studying in University, and working for one of the top companies in the country doing personal assessment for recruitment, and traveling all over the world exploring and tasting and sucking in the art, the music and the culture, diving the oceans and climbing the mountains. My health had started seriously deteriorating in those hectic years, mostly because I was feeling a deep sense of disconnection to who I really was and what I really wanted to do with my life. I had developed depression, RLS (Restless legs syndrome), eating disorders, serious insomnia, alcohol addiction and other unhealthy behaviors, and was on multiple medications just to get through the days and the nights. Then in 2014 I had an epic burn out - but it turned out to be the greatest break through of my life. 

I moved back to my home town, and started my healing journey. Quite soon after I stopped all the allopathic medications, started to meditate, do yoga, cleaned my diet, stopped drinking alcohol, started to spend time in nature and took part in shamanistic healing ceremonies. I found the lost connection to myself, to nature and to the universe around me - I remembered again what it means to be alive and learned to listen to my heart again. I came back home, on so many levels. That is when Mother India called me to her. 

The Crystal Connection

I went to India originally to become a yoga teacher - but found energy medicine and crystals instead. Or they found me. In Dharamsala, 2015, I walked into a crystal store and little did I know that it would completely change the direction of my life. 

At first I was intrigued by crystals because of their beauty - then I started to feel their energy. I started to really study energy medicine and practice daily to become more sensitive to the vibrations and energies around me - I dedicated myself to practices to open up my intuition, to teach my nervous system to feel the slightest shift of energy, to feel energy in my body: what certain vibrations do and how they move energy, how energies can be balanced and how it affects us, how to clean the crystals and to harmonize their vibrations etc. I sat with crystals for hours at the time, feeling their energy and getting to know the minerals and their qualities. And one day, the crystals started to talk to me. 

It feels like I opened up some magical gate into the world of crystals. I realized on such a deep level the truth that Nicola Tesla tried to teach us already hundreds of years ago: that crystals are living beings from the beginning of the creation.  They have a consciousness of their own, energy and vibration like everything else in this living natural world. Just not everyone can hear it or feel it, because their systems are not tuned to such subtle frequency of communication. 

The birth of Crystalline Mama


It took years of practice, working with the crystals, learning about them and listening to their messages, to grow into the position where these incredibly powerful masterpieces started to come to me. 

In 2017 we went back to India with the family, and I knew there was something important related to the crystals waiting for me. On this trip I received Siddha Kundalini initiations, so I was initiated into an ancient Siddha lineage and learned how to work with crystals as light technology, combining it with yogic, shamanic and tantric practices and sacred geometry, as well as was opened up to work with incredibly powerful energy channels and holographic work. This really speeded things up.

Through these years of working with the crystals the pieces that would come to me just suddenly started to get bigger and bigger - this was never my intention but it just started to happen, and I loved it. I fell in love with the physically very powerful and beautiful pieces, that are like statues or masterpieces of artwork by Mother Nature. The dream of a Crystalline Gallery started to come together and turned into reality much sooner and in the most beautiful way possible - being able to bring to the world Wild Crystals. 

Crystalline Mama is your guide into the world of crystals - curating the collections of world's most gentle, high vibrational and rare, unique gallery grade pieces. I support sustainable practices and transparency in business, and want to bring more quality into the field of crystals - especially the big, extraordinary pieces. I am the bridge between the unseen and the visible realities, carrying the ancient wisdom and understanding of the energetic and vibrational reality of crystals, but also valuing them as physical objects like art or design pieces. To me they are the most interesting and beautiful art, by my favorite designer: Mother Earth. 

I am a Nordic Witch, a mother, an artist and a human being with specific cultivated skills and talents, that I am honored to offer to your use and hope to bring beauty, elevated vibrations, value, abundance and New Luxury into the lives of people who appreciate it. 


We all deserve Crystalline Living - a life of alignment, peace, beauty, harmony, abundance and joy!

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