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Visa Viren

The wisdom of the Earth is beautifully carried by the crystals. The way Emma works with them is fine example, and a healing experience, of  how we can re-learn the natural ways of working in collaboration with what is present on this planet.

Nina Heiskanen

Emma's crystals are like no other.

Been seen how she works with the crystals, she truly is a crystal whisperer. These crystals are truly unique, pure and clear. I love it also that these crystals beings are wild, it makes them even more rare and beautiful. It feels special to give a new home to some of these pieces. They add that extra magic to any space and house plants love them too.

Mari Jaakkola

I just obtained my first crystal from Crystallinemama. Regardless of the comparatively small size, the power and the presence of this shining master piece is absolutely mind blowing. So privileged to have this healing crystal in our home. Crystallinemama's crystals are the ones that are willing to show up from the depths of the ancient mountains and offer their healing power and beauty for us.